Keeping your herd healthy is key to growing trophy animals.”The Road Doc” is a specialized new product that allows you to maintain the health of your deer,exotics and even quail by treating their feed or grain. “The Road Doc” is a dual purpose 200 lb road feeder that not only allows you to use it as a road feeder but also allows you to apply a liquid continuously and uniformly to your feed or grain. Depending on the consistency of the liquid it applies approximately 6.5 ml of liquid per pound of corn or 4 ml of liquid per pound of milo on demand by a handheld wired remote.
The liquids can be: prebiotics,probiotics,trace minerals,vitamins medications,etc








The reservoir holds 48 fl oz / 1420 ml


The spray pump and the feeder motor work simultaneously with the hand held wired remote


If you are not wanting to apply a liquid to the feed or grain simply turn off the toggle switch located by the reservoir