Gravity Flow Protein Feeders

CP Exotic & Whitetail CP Breeding Pen Feeder
The tubes are not welded to the legs of the CP feeder, which helps eliminate varmint problems. Optional fawn tube shown.
1000, 2000 & 3000# Capacity.
The CP Breeding Pen Feeder is designed to position alongside your fence for auger filling from outside the pen.
The removable ladder attaches through the fence.
1000, 2000 & 3000# Capacity


CP Magnum Feeder CP 6-Tube Feeder with Removable Ladder
1000, 2000 & 3000# Capacity. 1000, 2000 & 3000# Capacity.  Optional fawn tube shown.

Larger Ports for Larger Snout Game

CP Regulator
The Regulator has "The Timer" incorporated inside the gravity flow system allowing control of the feed amount consumed by animals while maintaining dispensed feed inside the feeder housing and long tubes.  Program to dispense feed up to 6 times per day at the rate of 2 lbs./second and 260# per day maximum.

CP 2000#, BP 2000#, CP Magnum 2000#, BP Magnum 2000#, CP 6-Tube 2000#, CP 6-Tube Magnum 2000#

The "Dually" Protein and Corn Feeder
Features "The Eliminator" which closes off completely when not activated.
Features split hopper that allows for gravity-flow protein simultaneously with directional corn distribution.
Comes with 3 protein tubes.  Available with up to 6 tubes and in 3 capacities.

  1000# Total Capacity:  250# Corn and 750# Protein
2000# Total Capacity:  500# Corn and 1500# Protein
3000# Total Capacity:  750# Corn and 2250 # Protein

Feed tubes are 36" high.  1000, 2000 & 3000# Capacity.

Feed tray is 30" high.  1000, 2000 & 3000# Capacity.

"The Texan"
8500-lb. capacity with 8 feeding tubes.  Available with one to three fawn tubes.

The "Amigo"
Air-driven Feed System.  150# corn per minute, 125# protein per minute.  Operate from truck bed or receiver hitch compatible.

           Price Discounts on volume orders:

Order any 3 feeders, receive $50.00 discount per feeder
Order any 4 feeders, receive $75.00 discount per feeder
Order any 5 or more feeders, receive $100.00 discount per feeder

Delivery Charges are not included in feeder prices

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