Fdr Pen + gate

Feeder Pens

You customize your shape and size of pen and even change location as needed. Portable panels are 3’ x 20’ and easily pin together with rods.

Features 4” x 4” welded wire panel on 1-1/4” pipe frame and 3’ wide gate section.

Panels – $400
Gate Section – $275

 hog trap open dr

Hog Traps

Heavy Duty Hog Trap – $1250

With Steel floor – $1600

With Optional Swivel Axle – $1850

Hog Trap axle floor  

Sectnal Hog Trap NO PAINT

Hog Trap

With Swivel Axle & Floor



Sectional Heavy Duty Hog Trap

Four panels, 10’ x 10’ square with trip gate included.

(Not Painted)  $1700