Fish Feeder

Introducing Brand New Fish Feeder Designs

The “Share-Kropper”


With all the same rugged durability that comes standard from Outback Wildlife Feeders, we proudly introduce the “Share-Kropper”. This awesome low profile directional feeder works equally well with all types of fish feed, corn or milo. The Share-Kropper can be placed on a pier, dock, bank, or truck to out-perform and outlast all those tin can feeders out there.

• 24″ tank diameter holds 175# floating fish feed or 300# corn

• Spreads heavier feed out to 50′ in a 20′ wide pattern

• Directional spreader can go up to 360°

• 54″ tall & 3’X3′ at base

• 141# empty weight

• With Outback’s Directional Spinner or the Eliminator 360 degree spinner both are the same price of $1235.00