Why you should choose Outback Wildlife Feeders

When Outback Wildlife Feeders rolled the first feeder off the shop floor over 20 years ago, there was no business plan or expectations of market growth. Outback was founded on the idea of “built right the first time to last a lifetime.” No skinny legs that will break, no air~conditioning duct materials and rivets to fall apart, no empty promises of service after the sale. We build it all right here in Gilmer, Texas, so you know it’s built right. The attention to the most tiny detail is what makes us the company we are today. Let’s fast forward to 2014, our biggest and best year of our company. We still operate on the same design and idea of producing the best wildlife feeder every day. We offer the highest quality, durability and service of any feeder company in the world. We believe there are four things to consider when choosing our wildlife feeder.


We know that the market is saturated with cheaply built feeders that will only last a season or two if you’re lucky. Cost is the foremost driving factor in purchases. There are many ways to think about the purchase. We have built our feeders on these four key components: durability, reliability, craftsmanship and warranty. Outback Feeders far exceeds our competition in all of these areas. When you compare products, compare the details of craftsmanship. Our feeders are expensive to build because we build it right with the best materials and craftsmen. We never sacrifice quality to accommodate price.

Feed Waste

Outback Wildlife Feeders is a patented design. We were the first one to baffle our gravity flow tubes, which saves feed by not allowing feed to pour out on the ground. With feed cost upward of $400 a ton, it doesn’t take long to save enough feed to more than compensate for the cost difference of an inferior feeder. No other feeder on the market will save you feed and money like an Outback Wildlife Feeder.


The definition of durability is the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage. With this in mind, Outback Wildlife Feeders are the most heavy duty, the most well built and structurally sound wildlife feeder product you will find on the market. We invest our money into building a better product to pass on to our customers.


Our service is something that we take very seriously. Our warranty and service is the best you will find in the feeder market. Our owner personally guarantees that every Outback Wildlife Feeder is built right the first time to last a lifetime.

We hope you consider these four components when purchasing your next wildlife feeder. We have built our company on integrity and honesty we focus on building the best wildlife feeder the world has ever seen.