OUTBACK WILDLIFE FEEDERS is Proud to introduce our Brand New

Longhorn Series

Automated Cattle Feeder

Built and designed for maximum durability and dependability. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, it will perform for many years.
The rugged design provides maximum service and safety for your special animals.

LONGHORN Series Automated Cattle Feeder

Outback Longhorn feeder
  • Fully welded construction
  • Removable ladder and platform
  • Compatible for up to 3/8” pellets
  • 8 feed guides to distribute feed evenly
  • “The Timer” electronics with 5-year warranty
  • Programmable to dispense feed up to 6x/day
  • Feed amount adjustable on each cycle
  • Remote control can be added for more feed cycles
  • High-output solar panel to keep battery charged

Avalable in the following capacities:

LONGHORN Feeder 1000#

Outback Longhorn feeder

Capacity: 1000# – Height: 7'– $5000

LONGHORN Feeder 2000#

Outback Longhorn feeder

Capacity: 2000# – Height: 8'4"– $5250

LONGHORN Feeder 3000#

Outback Longhorn feeder

Capacity: 3000# – Height: 10'– $5600